Christmas promotion 2014

Natural talents in a wintry paradise

Memorable moments for children living in a social institution

On 08.01.2015, we made good on our Christmas promise and invited eight children and two educators from Bethanien Children’s Villages to join us for a very special weekend.

Via online voting, our customers had selected the activities for our excursion: Lots of winter sport, a visit to a sustainable working farm, and a read-aloud evening with a storyteller. The ideal venue for our adventure weekend was soon found – the village of Vnà in the Engadine region of Switzerland.

Every morning, we left our base – a quaint guest house nestled among snowy mountains – and set out to explore. On the first two days, the kids took skiing lessons and hit the slopes, proving to be naturals and true fans of winter sport. They also visited a family who practise sustainable livestock farming. On the farm, the children learned a lot about caring for the animals, and discovered how milk and cheese are produced in the region. To test the excellent product quality on site, everyone was invited to sample both milk and cheese.

Cosy evenings with cheese fondue, chocolate cake and other Swiss specialities provided good energy for the following day and gave everyone the chance to enthusiastically discuss their adventures. But they also listened attentively, as storyteller Mario Oswald spent a whole evening sharing stories from the region in his local dialect. 

In a nutshell: The weekend was a huge success for all participants – and will hopefully remain a lasting happy memory for the children. Many thanks for supporting the project with your vote!

Natural talents in a wintry paradise