synergy® essence elevator

The essence of quality and comfort

synergy essence is the comfort solution of our synergy family of elevators, for mid-range residential buildings and small offices, hospitals and hotels with up to 21 stops. This versatile elevator offers the exceptional comfort and cutting-edge design you need to always exceed passenger expectations in true style.

synergy essence. True comfort. True style.

Travel heightMaximum SpeedMaximum Capacity
60 m1.75 m/s1000 kg

The best of synergy® essence at a glance

Flexibility with outstanding performance and impresive design.

Wide application range

synergy offers an optimized range of loads, speeds and stops, that covers the most common needs of residential buildings and moderate commercial uses.

Single or double boarding

Single or double door configuration provides more options for traffic flow design in buildings.

Flexible cabin fit

Flexible cabin size that increases in width and depth in increments of just 10 mm ensures the perfect fit for your needs. Cabin height is available in 6 different steps, from 2070 to 2400 mm.

synergy® essence is fully compliant with the latest regulations

  • EN 81-20/50 (CE conformity)
  • existing regulations EN 81-70
  • environmental standards
  • ISO 9001 & 14001

Comfort and accessibility
  • Smooth running
  • Silent operation
  • Highly versatile solution
  • Optional EN 81-70 accessibility code compliance
  • Wide range of options ensures the building and passengers requirements can be optimally taken into consideration

  • Gearless machine, high efficiency and low energy consumption
  • Control system with frequency control (VVVF)
  • Sleep mode for electronic devices
  • Efficient and long-lasting LED lighting as standard
  • Energy efficiency Class A, according to VDI-4707
  • Optional regenerative drive for sustainable working

Performance, innovation and reliability
  • Elevator with or without machine room
  • Wide application range in loads, speed and height
  • Reduced dimensions for shaft, pit and overhead
  • Robust design and high-quality materials
  • Optimised installation process and efficient maintenance
  • Seismic conditions certification to EN 81-77, optional for category 1, 2 and 3

  • Exclusive pre-designed decor ranges to suit different requirements
  • essence includes 16 decor combinations grouped into five design lines
  • Wide range of materials, colours, ceilings and options
  • Brand new cabin and landing operating devices

  • CE certified product
  • Compliant with EN 81-20 and EN 81-50 European regulations
  • Further safety performance options, depending on building use
  • Remote alarm in compliance with EN 81-28

Design. Style beyond decoration.

Discover synergy’s cutting-edge range of pre-designed decor combinations, specially developed to meet a wide spectrum of tastes and atmospheres, using materials that will bring genuine style to your cabin.

  • Versatile design to match your style
  • Five design lines and 16 decor combinations in all
  • Contrasting rear and side walls using the same finish
  • Shiny laminate and stainless steel
  • Wide silver mirror
  • LED lighting plate. Optional six false ceiling designs available in one colour
  • One handrail design in two finishes
  • Two Cabin Operating Panel (COP) designs: short / high and glass / steel

Car Designs

With its five fresh design lines and 16 décor combinations, synergy® essence lets you give your tenants the gift of genuine style. Its quality aesthetics never disappoint, from pure and minimalist, to sophisticated and regal, to cool chic and more.

Its stylish ceilings, walls, cabin operating panels and landing fixtures are sure to turn heads on every floor, every time

Aesthetics. Car operating panels.

Style to draw attention, quality and usability to fall in love with.

Provide a unique touch of elegance to your car decor with the new essence cabin operating panels range. Elegant, affordable design in stainless steel or black glass face plate, with a large, integrated, high-resolution TFT display. Dot Button design line with white LED call confirmation and Braille lettering.

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